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Keep your desk free of clutter

Whether you’re working from home alone, or sharing your desk with others, things can begin taking over your workspace very fast.

  • Get into the habit of clearing up your desk at the beginning or end of each workday to help you focus
  • Only keep your most frequently used items on your desk and keep smaller items such as paperclips, pens, and sticky notes in small containers

Create a filing system in your home office set up

Resist the temptation to print every document as paperwork will begin piling up very quickly. 

  • Use a simple filing tray to keep important paperwork accessible if you need to refer to it regularly and use drawer storage or boxes with labels to file as you go and keep your workspace clear
  • Digitize your storage by scanning your paperwork and saving it on your computer or cloud. Take a look at Brother’s scanning solutions here.

Allocate a breakspace away from your home workspace

Working from home can quickly blur the lines between work life and home life; make sure you take regular breaks to step out of your home office or workspace through the day.

  • Set your home office up in a separate room to allow you to switch between your professional and personal life. If you don’t have a separate space, choose a corner of a room that can be allocated as a work-only zone. 
  • Establish boundaries with a work schedule that is visible to everyone in your home. When possible, communicate important meetings in advance to your family

Make your home office set up comfortable

Lights, camera, focus! Pay attention to your workspace ergonomics and placement of necessary equipment.

  • Make sure you have adequate lighting and a quiet space to help you attend virtual meetings and take calls. Opt for a room with a window and a nice view to keep you relaxed as you work.
  • Consider investing in a supportive chair and footrest, and keep desktop equipment such as your keyboard and mouse at a comfortable height and distance