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If there are lots of Apple lovers in your office, AirPrint offers the simplest way to wirelessly connect and print to any of your Brother devices.

Print to any Brother printer straight from your Apple mobile device

That’s because your iPads, iPhones and other Macs already have it - AirPrint is a built in function on iOS. So not only is it free, you don’t have to worry about installing any new apps or drivers. Just select the AirPrint icon and it will automatically find any Brother device on your network. You can then print documents, images, photos, web pages, and spreadsheets – anything you like – straight from your Apple device.

Features & Benefits

  • Already built into iOS so there’s nothing to install
  • Instantly find compatible printers and All-in-Ones on your network
  • Easily print anything you need, from documents and photos to web pages
  • Send print jobs directly from any iOS app

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