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Personalised touch screen experience

For many businesses scanning documents into their existing workflows can be a complicated journey. A lot of time can spent manually scanning single pages, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of documents being misplaced.

With Custom UI from Brother, you can now tailor the touch screen experience to exactly what you need.

  • Fully customise the visual layout
  • Add your own backgrounds and icons
  • Create bespoke workflows including personalised 'scan-to' destinations

How Custom UI can benefit your business


Seamless business integration

Customise the touch screen to fit with how you run your business. Workflow steps can be optimised for better productivity, reducing error intervention and generally easy to use. 


Bespoke to the way that you work

Reduce staff training and minimise opportunities for error with bespoke one-touch scanning. You can also follow your company's brand guidelines by adding your company logo. 


Comply with industry standards

Whether its restricting user access by removing certain features or simply complying with industry regulations, you can easily adapt your printers and scanners to do what you need. 

Integrate your workflow to meet business needs


Confidential school documents can be protected by limiting scan options. With bespoke one-touch scans to pre-configured student record systems, you can scan documents directly to the required network location. 


Standard icons can be replaced with the frequently-used functions to streamline repetitive processes. Profiles can be added for each partner in the firm with scan destinations including email, network, USB and cloud. 



Patient proof-of-identity can be securely captured with one-touch meaning legal regulations for handling healthcare records can be met. Confidential patient information can be scanned to specific network areas quickly and efficiently.  


Customer registration forms for loyalty schemes can be instantly added to the central head office database. With one-touch scanning, minimum staff training is required.  

Financial Services

Mortgage and loan applications can be saved and shared with head office for processing quickly and securely. Frequently scan-to network folders and emails can be setup as one-touch scans, reducing opportunities of human error. 

Local Government

Application forms and confidential information can be shared with managers quickly and securely for approval. Profiles can be created for specific departments with dedicated scan destinations including network folders, email and USB.  

How your touch screen can be customised


Create custom workflows


Personalised touch screen


Add profile images

Frequently asked questions

Custom UI allows for the quick and easy design of personalised and company-specific home screens for select Brother machines with a colour touchscreen. Once a bespoke solution has been designed this can be automatically applied to the home screens of multiple Brother machines on a network.
Anyone can benefit from Brother's Custom UI solution.  For more information, please use the form to contact us. 
Custom UI will only work with machines that have been activated with this special feature. Custom UI requires a special model of the wireless desktop document scanners ADS-2800W, ADS-3600W and a selection of multifunction printers including: DCP-L5500DN, DCP-L6600DW, L5700DN, MFC-L5750DW, MFC-6800DW, MFC-6900DW, MFC-L8900CDW, MFC-L9570CDW, MFC-L8690CDW, DCP-L8410CDW.  
The main background image and new home screen buttons can be added to simplify workflows for seamless business integration or removed to meet unique regulatory requirements.
Font colours and the naming of home screen buttons. Access to various settings such as access to shortcut functions and administrator settings can be switched to being hidden features.  Individual home screens can be removed or added.
Background images and home screen buttons can be added in either .png, .jpg, or .bmp. file formats. Images are auto-sized to allow for simple setup and configuration.
Client OS - Windows 7®, Windows 8.1®, Windows® 10
Server OS - Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows Server® 2016
Our free to download activation tool BRAdmin Professional 4 (BRAdmin Pro 4) is the best way to activate the features of your customers' purchased solutions. You'll find more information here.

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