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What are counterfeit supplies?

Just like any industry where quality matters, printer inks and toners have been targeted by counterfeiters. These badly-made cartridges are made to look like the real thing then illegally sold under brand names - catching some people out.

Ensuring your cartridge is genuine

The best way to make sure you're getting the genuine, quality Brother products you need, is to buy from one of our authorised Brother stockists or direct from us. If you're worried that a Brother cartridge might be fake, firstly check that the holographic security label is present on the cartridge packaging - or get in touch with us.   

Where are counterfeit cartridges sold?

Counterfeit cartridges are most commonly sold online. Often, these sites will appear in internet searches for printer ink and toner, advertising cheap or discounted Brother products. They may even use the Brother brand name in their web address. You’ll also find counterfeiters popping up on popular auction and classified listings sites too.

What problems can counterfeits cause?

As you'd expect, the quality of counterfeit ink and toner is very poor. In fact, because these cartridges often leak they can cause irreparable damage to your machine. Counterfeit cartridges can damage the environment too. Production is a complicated process involving substances that can be harmful if not treated carefully. While Brother protects the planet through our commitment to Brother Earth and industry standards like Blue Angel, counterfeiters are unscrupulous and completely unregulated.

To make sure your product is genuine, follow these simple steps

Check the security label on the packaging of your toner, ink or drum unit. Then go to www.brother.com/id and check the hologram matches the one displayed. You can then enter the ID from the carton for further confirmation of the supply's authenticity. 

Using your Smartphone:
  • Download a data matrix code reader app (QR only reader app may not work)
  • Open the reader app, scan the Data Matrix code and enter the verification page
  • The ID will be automatically checked and you will see the green tick if the product is genuine
  • To verify further, check the hologram matches the one displayed on the verification page
  • If the code reader doesn't work please enter the information manually at www.brother.com/id