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You’ve invested in a quality printer, so it makes sense to choose inks, toners and paper of a similarly high standard. 

Genuine Brother Original supplies are made with you in mind. Not only to guarantee you effortless performance, and save you money in the long run, but also to protect your printer from potential long-term damage caused by using cheap, non-genuine products.

Why choose Brother Originals?

  • Our ink and paper has been specially created for optimum performance. Using them in combination means your prints will last over 100 years without fading.
  • Our inks and toners are designed to make sure that each print is right first time, every time – preventing waste and saving you paper, time and money.
  • Smaller droplet sizes helps your printer produce sharper images and clear, crisp text.
  • New wax technology means our toners are now oil-free, giving documents a professional matte finish.
  • Our new generation of inks have an exceptional and expanded colour range, producing even more vivid images.
  • We have an industry-leading commitment to being green. See Brother Earth for more information.

What are compatible cartridges?

Compatible inks and toners are made by other companies, and are designed to work with lots of different printers from lots of different manufacturers. But there can often be issues with using these products:

  • Cartridges can be harder to fit, and the print quality much poorer.
  • They can easily leak, not only giving you a much lower page yield, but possibly damaging your machine too.
  • Brother Originals are always reliable. Compatible and counterfeit inks can block print nozzles and cause damage through leaking.
  • In tests, documents printed using Brother Originals lasted four times longer than print outs using other inks.

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What are counterfeit cartridges?

Just like any industry where quality matters, printer inks and toners have been targeted by counterfeiters. These cheap, badly-made cartridges are made to look like the real thing then illegally sold under brand names - catching some people out.

  • The quality of counterfeit ink and toner is very poor. In fact, because these cartridges often leak, they can cause irreparable damage to your machine. 
  • Counterfeit cartridges can damage the environment too.
  • To make sure you're getting genuine, quality Brother products, buy from one of our authorised stockists or buy supplies directly from us.
  • If you're worried that a Brother cartridge might be fake, then check that the holographic logo is printed on the cartridge and the packaging  - or get in touch with us. We're here to help.

See our anti-counterfeit measures

Meeting industry standards 

ISO logo

ISO 11798 covers the permanence and durability of the ink and toner on printed or copied documents.

Brother colour and mono toners and mono inks meets this rigorous standard. Brother Original Supplies are also Blue Angel Certified and designed to comply with European laws on the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS).