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Find the right home office equipment

Make the most out of your home office

Working from home can provide flexibility and independence, but it can also come with certain challenges. While working remotely, household distractions, communication issues with colleagues, and difficulty maintaining a work/life balance can cause dips in your productivity and focus.  However, with a well-thought out home office setup and schedules in place, you can be just as productive and efficient working from home. Brother remains ‘At your side’ and has created a quick guide to help you set up your home office space and maintain productivity.

1. How to create your home office setup

There are two things to consider before getting started with setting up your home office:

  • Where will your workspace be located in your home? You’ll be spending upwards of seven hours in your home office so think very carefully about the furniture and equipment that you will need to set up.
  • What resources do you have to work with? Keep important things like existing equipment and budget in mind before making decisions on what to buy.

2. How to work from home comfortably

Your home office set up should be both functional and comfortable. Ensure the most ergonomic home office setup and telework habits with supportive equipment.

  • A chair with the right support points, a footrest, and a desk at the right height will make a big difference not just to your health but also your productivity
  • A well-placed mouse and keyboard and a monitor at eye level will help you focus and maintain efficiency while working

3. How to work as efficiently as possible

Working from home requires a little extra discipline and patience at first. Aim to maintain your work routine as much as possible.

  • Working hours and break schedules: get up and ready for work the same way as before and make sure you add regular coffee breaks and lunch breaks to your day.
  • Create to-do lists for all your tasks and priorities and declutter your desk at the beginning of your workday. Read our Organisational Tips for more ideas.
  • Minimize your distractions while you work but make sure to set time out to spend with family or friends during your breaks. 

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