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Eco-friendly printing is here

We're dedicated to helping businesses hit their sustainability targets.

Our professional range of Designed for Business printers come with a set of practical, environmentally friendly features.

Eco Mode helps reduce power consumption, while Toner Save technology and automatic 2-sided printing eliminate unnecessary waste.

What about print cartridge recycling? All Brother printers are covered by our commitment to sending zero waste to landfill. That means we'll recycle your used ink and toner cartridges at no extra cost. We also donate to Cool Earth to help stop rainforest destruction.

Our Designed for Business range works with you for a better environment.

Sustainability features include:

  • Eco mode – reduce power consumption without reducing quality
  • Toner Saver mode – a smart feature to increase cartridge capacity for everyday prints
  • Automatic 2-sided printing – reduce your paper use dramatically with duplex prints
  • High yield supplies – larger capacity, more environmentally friendly print cartridges
  • Brother recycling programme – return your used cartridges for free