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Professional prints without waste

If you’re looking for the cheapest printer to run, Our Designed for Business printer range is here to help.

Intelligent features on the printer itself give you more control on your print spend. For example. you can set up user restrictions (such as who can print in colour) to help you maximise your budget.

Our replacement print cartridges offer incredible value for money too. High yield ink and toner cartridges simply last longer for less. This means less downtime when you change the printer cartridge.

Looking for complete tracking, analysis and optimisation? We also offer a fully integrated MPS (Managed Print Service) solution tailored to your needs and existing systems. 

Our Designed for Business range keeps your budgets in order.

Cost efficiency features include:

  • Set user print limits – define what your staff can print and what they can’t e.g. colour
  • Leasing options available – rent the latest and greatest printers for your growing needs
  • Toner Saver mode – a smart feature to maximise cartridge capacity for everyday prints
  • Automatic 2-sided printing – reduce office paper use dramatically with duplex prints
  • High yield supplies – more ink or toner means less downtime due to cartridge changes
  • Managed print services – a full print management solution for cost transparency