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The Brother Pro Tape range has been developed and tested to meet the needs of professionals who require dependable, durable, long term identification solutions.

In fact, we've tested our laminated labels against the effects of water, chemicals, oil, heat, cold, sunlight and more. So if you're looking for a reliable solution for your identification needs, choose Brother Pro Tapes.

Learn more about the tests conducted by downloading our TZe laminated label test data document here:

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Why use Pro Tapes?


Strong adhesives. Tough labels

Designed for professionals

The right tape for the job

Strong adhesive tape for use on textured and smooth surfaces

In independent tests, Brother strong adhesive TZe tape had 3 times more strength on textured surfaces, than Brother standard adhesive TZe tape on average. This makes it ideal for electricians and network infrastructure technicians who require a reliable, durable label.

Use strong adhesive tape on smooth or textured surfaces such as:

  • Consumer units
  • Network racks and patch panels
  • Faceplates and switch gear
  • Powder coated metal cabinets and panels

Tapes for cable identification

Brother understands the importance of correct cable identification that lasts the test of time. This is why we have four different types of Pro Tape developed for reliable identification of wires and cables.

  • Self-laminating tapes for CAT5E / CAT6A network cabling
  • Flexible ID tapes for flagging and wrapping around wires and cables 
  • Die-cut flag labels for fibre optic and other very thin wires and cables
  • Heat shrink tube that shrinks and grips the wire or cable when heated with a heat gun


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Security tape for tamper evident labelling

When printed and attached, the label appears the same as a standard black on white label. However once the label is removed, a checkerboard pattern is left that ensures the label cannot be reapplied once peeled and shows the label has been tampered with.

Typical uses include:

  • Marking and identifying assets 
  • Use on the edge of panels or covers to show if these have been opened by unauthorised persons

Stencil tape for chemical etching of metal

In healthcare, manufacturing and aerospace industries, there is a need to permanently mark metal parts with a serial number or tracking number, but without the use of self-adhesive labels or using a method involving impact.

Brother stencil tape is used as part of an electro-chemical etching process to produce a mask containing the information to be etched.

When an electrical current is passed through a pad containing specialist etching fluid, and pressed onto the stencil tape, it leaves a permanent mark with the text or barcode on the metal.

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Compatible label printers

To ensure you get the best from your Pro Tapes, Brother has a recommended range of compatible label printers.

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