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The app that makes creating custom labels and ribbons fun, quick and easy!

1 - Pre-designed labels organised by categories

2 - Design your own labels from scratch

3 - Return to home screen

4 - View previously saved labels

5 - Settings

6 - Buy replacement tape cassettes

Step 1

Tap the category with your required label.
Or create your own custom label from scratch.

Step 2

Scroll through the pre-defined labels.
Then tap on the the required label template once shown.

Step 3

Now edit the text to whatever you require.
You can also adjust the font settings to further customise your label.

Step 4

You're ready to go! Tap "Print" to send the design to your P-touch CUBE label printer using your Bluetooth connection.

Try the P-touch Design&Print app (it's free!)

With a large choice of fonts, frames and emoji, have fun creating virtual labels and ribbons in the app, even if you don't yet own a P-touch CUBE!