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Brother tapes for network installers

Labels for all networking applications

From flexible ID labels for wrapping around your cables to strong adhesive tapes for labelling your equipment, ensure your network identification labels stay attached and last the test of time by selecting the correct type for your specific application.

Brother TZe tapes have been rigorously developed to ensure your label is easily read, and stays attached.

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Man applying a label to a consumer unit

Standard tapes

Suitable for general labelling of flat, smooth surfaces, Brother standard adhesive laminated TZe tapes are available in a wide range of size and colour combinations.

Consumer unit labelled with Brother black on yellow tape

Strong Adhesive tapes

When you require even more adhesive power compared to standard tapes. Developed for use on textured or rough/uneven surfaces, this label is designed to remain in place and be used for permanent labelling. Some damage to the surface it is applied to may occur if removed, due to the superior sticking power.

Brother fluorescent tape warning sign showing 400 volts AC

Fluorescent tapes

Available in bright yellow and orange colours, these highly visible labels ensure warning/safety signs and other important instructions are highlighted.

Light switches identified with a Brother black on silver tape

Metallic tapes

These durable tapes give a premium finish to any object they are applied to. Ideal to identify registered assets around your organisation, they can also be used for labelling of light switches, and to create stylish information signs.

Brother security tape half peeled-off demonstrating the tamper evident properties of the tape

Security tape

Ensure assets are labelled correctly by using this tamper evident tape. Using a special adhesive, if the label is removed it leaves a checker board pattern that destroys the tape. This stops the label being re-applied either onto the same item, or transferred to another asset, thereby ensuring your registered assets are easily accounted for.

Flexi-ID tapes

Developed with a special adhesive that's specifically designed for the labelling and identification of cables and other cylindrical objects with a small diameter. The label can be attached in two ways:

  • Flag: place the cable across the centre of the label. Bring both halves together, creating a flag label.
  • Wrap: place the label on the cable, then wrap over itself several times.

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