Print labels wirelessly from your smartphone

Choose from many pre-defined label templates then input your text to print to a compatible label printer such as PT-E550WNIVP, PT-P900W, PT-D800W or PT-P750W.

Smartphone showing templates in Brother Cable Label Tool app

Template driven for efficient labelling

The app has many popular templates available for cable, patch panel, faceplate and network equipment identification. This dramatically speeds up the creation of labels and reduces mistakes caused by printing incorrect length labels.

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Customised label printed using the Brother Mobile Cable Label Tool app

Create fully customised labels

If the templates supplied do not meet your needs, the general labelling option allows text, symbols, images, barcodes and frames to be added to your layout – giving you the flexibility to create customised labels on demand.

Cable label tool app on a smartphone with a printed Brother P-touch label

Replace your laptop for your smartphone

Rather than carry a cumbersome laptop around with you, use the Brother Cable Label Tool app instead to design your labels and the wirelessly connect to your P-touch label printer. That’s one less item of equipment to worry about.

Label printed to a Brother P-touch being held in hand, to demonstrate on-site label printing

On-site printing of durable labels

Printing labels on demand and at the site of labelling ensures that the job can be completed as planned, without having to wait for pre-printed labels to be sent from another location, or waiting for an order to be delivered.

Discover why labelling is so important to network installation and management