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Document and data capture software.

Kofax VRS Elite

Kofax VRS Elite is patented image enhancement and perfection software. It improves scanning productivity, increases image quality for accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and reduces scan preparation time.

Increase OCR accuracy and reduce scan preparation time

As well as providing improved scan functionality, our scanners* offer advanced image and driver capabilities with Kofax VRS Elite compatibility. This is a new technical enhancement that delivers improved OCR accuracy, reduces document preparation time and improves scanned image content when using these devices with Kofax VRS Elite.


Improve your scanning performance and image processing applications with Kofax.

Kofax software automatically applies the correct scanner settings for specific documents, examines the documents and corrects defects to deliver high quality scanned images. These capabilities are essential for the modern day usage of digital documents which often need to be shared across departments and organisations, or processed for use in a system of record, like an accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Our scanner range* offers compatibility with this advanced technology; ensuring easy integration with one of the leading developers of scanning productivity software and systems.

OCR provides machine readable text from scanned images. This is useful for creating TIFF and PDF documents that can be automatically indexed and or reliably searched with keywords. OCR text content can be read quickly and more accurately when it is clearly legible. OCR is also used when integrating scanned documents into business specific software, such as accounting or logistics programmes, as clear scanned information can be better understood by third party programmes.

*Selected models only. Please see individual specifications for details.

Supported Models


  • Improved accuracy for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Improved scan content capture to support accurate, automatic document classification, separation and extraction.
  • Lower document preparation time.

For more information please visit www.kofax.com/vrs-virtualrescan