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The essential tools of a mobile or freelance office worker are laid out neatly across a pale blue desk: A paper pad, tablet computer, espresso coffee cup, pens and note pads.

Life hacks: Top 10 tips and tools for mobile workers and freelancers

Thanks to constantly evolving technology, business on the move is now easier than ever for mobile workers and freelancers.

Reflecting the shift away from the ‘traditional' office, technology is continually developing to accommodate workers on the go.

Here are our top 10 tools, technologies and life hacks to help support you on your solo working journey.

  1. Get on top of your time tracking

    For remote workers, managing time efficiently is a crucial part of the job. An excellent way of staying on top of jobs and maximising billable hours, is to download a time tracking app. This gives you real-time visibility of projects and let you know when you reach capacity.

  2. Stay connected with instant messaging

    If you’re based outside of the traditional office, it’s easy to miss important pieces of information which might have an impact on your work. Stay on top of the latest updates and news by getting an instant communication tool. It can help remote workers and freelancers quickly send private messages or communicate with a whole team. Designed to move away from lengthy email chains, the software is direct and efficient.

  3. Strip out social

    If distractions are impacting your productivity and limiting your impact on projects, consider downloading a website and social media blocking app to limit what you can access during working hours.

  4. Opt for cloud document storage

    Keeping documents secure yet remotely accessible is vital for remote workers and freelancers. Losing documents could prove costly, so consider using cloud storage to back up your important work. Doing so means you can rest assured that your documents are safe in case of a technical glitch.

  5. Digitise to save space

    The home office is incredibly important for all remote workers, so the last thing you want is clutter from outdated files. Brother’s ADS-1200 and ADS-1700W scanners are compact yet powerful portable devices – just a little wider than an A4 sheet of paper – which can fit seamlessly into any working environment. Digitising your documents brings many benefits beyond space saving, as it creates a record of documents forever.

  6. Bring the meeting room to you

    For freelance and mobile workers, keeping in touch with clients, suppliers and teams is crucial. Using video conferencing for virtual meetings makes it more personal than an email or telephone call, whilst saving time and the expense of travelling to various meeting locations.

  7. Print and scan on the go

    With more mobile devices than humans in the world1, it’s no surprise that smartphones and tablets dominate the world of business. Working from mobile devices is even more hassle-free when you eliminate the need for a computer by printing or scanning directly using Brother’s iPrint&Scan app.

  8. Get to grips with task management

    If you work solo then you’re responsible for everything – including vast to-do lists. Keep on track of things with a task management tool which helps you to organise your documents, create a to-do list, plan your day and provide you with deadline reminders. Our top tip – colour code items according to the task or client.

  9. Take your printer out on the road

    Workers on the move still need to print. Instead of waiting until you get back to HQ or your home office, use compact and lightweight printers that fit into any vehicle Brother’s PJ mobile thermal printer series boasts attention to detail and intricate printing all from the comfort of your car.

  10. Don’t lose it, label it

    If you’re working at home, it’s likely that you’ll be restricted on space. Keep your working area organised by labelling files and folders, to ensure all your paperwork is kept in order, making finding that all-important document a simple process. Brother’s VC-500W full colour label printer creates stand-out labels that can be printed in a whole spectrum of colours.

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