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The 6 Ps of printer security 

With the introduction of GDPR, guidelines around data are tighter than ever before. Our 6 Ps of data security will help you keep your confidential business information secure.

The consequences are more severe for those who don’t take steps to protect sensitive information. When reviewing your data collection and storage processes, did you consider if your office printer is a data risk? It’s easy to overlook. The fact is, printer security today is about much more than just documents, because printers do much more than just print.
In the wrong hands, your device could be used to access confidential information contained in printed images. Hackers could also intercept print files or get hold of user credentials and use them to gain access to your computer network.
To help you stay on top of any potential risks, we’ve put together the 6Ps of Printer Security. It’s a quick and easy checklist to make sure your printer keeps all your confidential business information, confidential.
PLACE - Is your printer positioned somewhere where it can be seen? Choosing a location that’s in full view, rather than hidden away in a separate room or secluded corner, means you can keep an eye on activity. It’s also a great deterrent for snoopers, which is especially important in areas where the public can wander in and out, such as a reception area.
PROTECT - If you deal with confidential data on a regular basis, think about physically securing your printer so it can’t easily be taken away. It may sound a little extreme but printers can store information that can be accessed or intercepted. If your machine fell into the wrong hands for whatever reason, so does the data it stores.
PAPER - Restricting access to paper might sound obvious, but this simple move could significantly reduce the risk of theft or fraud. This is especially important if you use pre-printed security paper e.g. cheques, prescriptions. To help prevent any unauthorised access, it may also be possible to secure the paper input tray on your device.
PEOPLE - If certain departments handle sensitive data on a regular basis, consider allocating a separate printer. That way you can ensure that confidential documents can’t easily be intercepted.
PASSWORD - Your printer comes with a default administrator password. It’s easy to guess. When configuring your printer, make sure you set a strong password which is unique to that device.
PRINTER - Check that your device has got the security features your business needs. Brother printers support industry-standard communication protocols and encryption. Checking if your printer has a setting lock to prevent any unauthorised user changing the settings is also a good idea. If you want even more control, consider a printer with a Secure Function Lock. This lets you control which users can change settings or use certain functions with a PIN or NFC access card.

Brother has a number of features to support data security, one of which is Brother Secure Print+.

Our Secure Print+ software enables you to print confidential business documents securely. 
Here are its main features and benefits:
Card authentication - Your documents are only printed when you’re ready to collect them from the printer. This is done with a NFC (Near-field Communications) enabled ID card which releases your document to be printed.
Easy to manage - Users can be added and removed in a few simple steps. Each user can setup their own profile. Individual access can be granted to some or all of the printer's functions.
Secure document printing - Protect confidential documents from getting into the wrong hands. Sensitive documents are only printed when you release the print job from the printer.
To find more about Secure Print+ or to chat about options for your business, contact [insert email].

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