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Mono laser technology comes of age

We explore why mono laser printing technology is so appealing after a rise in sales   

The latest mono laser printing devices are tackling usage fears, removing purchasing concerns and unlocking business productivity explains [name] [position] at print and technology specialist Brother [insert country].

Today, mono laser printers and all-in-ones require less human interaction. This is freeing up precious time for workers, therefore making them an appealing purchase decision.


Purchase figures for our large business mono laser series highlight this trend, with sales for the full calendar year 2017 rising more than 80 per cent year-on-year1. [insert local office link].


With sales of mono laser printing devices on the rise, it’s an interesting time to explore how this technology has come of age.


Minimised interaction with printing devices


The less people need to interact with printing devices, the more they will value them.


The primary concerns around ongoing operability are volume and speed, which is where mono laser technology excels. Devices now require less frequent paper replenishment thanks to trays with greater capacity and higher yield toner cartridges. Toners for large businesses yield around 20,000 pages, representing a significant reduction in time spent servicing a printing device.


Intuitive for users


In the age of smartphones, people want their devices to be intuitive.


By maximising simplicity, mono laser models ensure some of the most common headaches associated with printing devices, such as time spent working out how to execute an urgent task, are becoming a thing of the past.


A major reason behind the success of Brother’s mono laser series for large businesses was the introduction of the Brother Solutions Interface, which enables third party developers to build custom and integrated solutions that help improve operational workflow and security, while cutting costs.


Connection to wi-fi and apps such as Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Brother’s iPrint&Scan is bringing mobility to businesses of all sizes, while web connectivity means users can print while on the move from cloud storage services such as OneNote and Dropbox.


Making a sensible purchasing decision


Today’s business buyer, whether an IT procurement specialist at a large business or the owner operator of a SOHO, knows that upfront cost is one thing – but the real indicator of a quality purchase is cost over lifetime. This has been integral to mono laser’s appeal.


Our new range of mono laser for SOHO encompasses [insert number] machines, including [insert number] printers and [insert number] multi-function devices. It is available in [insert country] with prices ranging from [insert price range reference].


Brother’s mono laser range for large businesses includes four printers and five all-in-ones. It is available in [insert country] with prices ranging from [insert price range reference].


1 Sources: GFK, Context and DMR. Total units 2016 = 20,319. Total units 2017 = 36,769. Statistics cover: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Russia.




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