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Why choose Brother for shop floor print and scan solutions?

At Brother we understand that, as the face of the retailer, the shop floor is vital for customer experience. We know this is where technology can have the greatest impact on customer experience. 

Embracing shop floor printing and scanning technology can make a significant difference to customer purchasing decisions.  

Brother’s retail team understands how technology can improve the in store experience. We work with our retail partners to create bespoke shop floor print and scan solutions.

We understand the retail shop floor

Better customer experience

Small footprint or portable printing on the shop floor, reducing back office trips


Portable devices for remarking and pricing directly in the aisle


Seamless integration with existing systems for capturing customer data and updating stock databases

Pricing labels

One of the most laborious and time-consuming tasks in retail is labelling and re-labelling products. 

Save time with a portable label printer. Print labels in the aisle for efficient pricing labels and remarking. With reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity means the printer is with you at all times, throughout the store and warehouse.

Explore in store pricing labels

Capturing customer data

Capture customer ID for high value purchases from the shop floor without compromising on security . 

  • Fast scanning facility at the point-of-sale. No need to leave the customer
  • Confidential customer data, saved directly to the network
  • Seamless integration with back-office systems

Explore customer data

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