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Why choose Brother for your pharmacy?

At Brother, we understand that the role of a pharmacy is changing. With higher customer expectations and tight budgets, pharmacies are under ever increasing pressure. The battle between offering the best quality of care and meeting targets is a challenge.

Embracing the right technology solution helps pharmacists focus on clinical care. Knowing that routine, repetitive tasks are completed quickly and accurately.

Brother has vast, specialist expertise designing printers and workflow solutions for pharmacies. Partnering with pharmacy clients has enabled us to develop specialist solutions. That has reduced pressure on teams, enhancing print processes.

We understand pharmacy challenges

Medication packet and label

Prescription label printing

Ensure medication is dispensed with clear patient details and dosage information. 

  • Compact, space saving label printers
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems

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Space-saving prescription printing

Designed to print on prescription paper. Easily print both prescriptions and standard A4 paper from the same printer.

  • Saves space in your pharmacy
  • Flexible, printing both prescription and A4 paper
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems

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Efficient document submissions

Make sending reimbursement submissions simple by automating your workflow. 

  • Space saving and compact
  • Flexible, place where its most convenient
  • Fast and simple to use

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