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Why choose Brother for clinical care?

We know that clear patient identification is essential in the clinical care setting. On admission to secondary care, reliable printing is essential for avoiding catastrophic mistakes. 

Healthcare staff face increasing pressures for secure, integrated clinical printing and labelling. 

Patient identification printing technology can have significant benefits. Healthcare settings can improve patient safety, reducing potential mistakes in clinical care.

Brother has significant experience providing printing, labelling and scanning solutions to the clinical setting. We work with healthcare clients to create efficient solutions for their needs.

We understand clinical care

Speed up patient file access with fast scanning to centralised patient databases.
Ensure accurate notes with clear printed labels and patient specific barcode printing. 
Space saving, portable technology so clinical staff can scan and print labels next to the patient minimising opportunity for errors. 

Minimise the risk of errors by printing clear and accurate, easy to read labels.

Reduce sensitive information leaks with secure printing options. Only print when you're available to collect your documents. 
Seamless integration with existing clinical software and patient management systems. 

Patient wristband printing

Print patient wristbands anywhere, ensuring accurate identification across the clinical care setting.

  • Compact, portable wristband printers
  • Safe, individual patient labels incorporating clear allergen and drugs administered information
  • Integration with existing systems for quick identification and access of patient notes

Explore patient wristband printing

Space-saving prescription printing

Designed to print on prescription paper. Easily print both prescriptions and A4 paper from the same printer.

  • Saves space in clinical consultation room
  • Flexible, printing both prescription and A4 paper on one printer
  • Seamless integration with your existing IT systems

Explore prescription printing

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