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Manage workflows with YSoft’s document capture software.

You can now combine award-winning print and scan technology with YSoft’s SafeQ document capture software. Giving you an integrated print, capture and output management solution all from one provider.

The comprehensive document capture software makes information accessible, whilst ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance. With YSoft SafeQ you can,

  • Control costs
  • Increase document security
  • Improve productivity

Available across a fleet of A4 laser and A3 inkjet devices, from floorstanding to compact desktop, multifunction to single function printers.

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With YSoft SafeQ, you benefit from:


Simply tap your ID card or enter your PIN number to print. Only authenticated users have access to these devices.

Mobile print

Seamlessly and securely print from any device (Smart phones/iPads/Laptops) without the need to install additional software and print drivers.

Modular approach

Have a low upfront cost to have to start using YSoft SafeQ and only pay for the number of devices being used.


Option to host your print management fully in the cloud. Removing the need to have an onsite, locally managed print infrastructure.

YSoft SafeQ is a flexible document capture and print management solution that:

Centralises print services

With greater visibility and easy control through a comprehensive dashboard.

  • Customisable reports on real-time usage
  • Digitise documents with automated scan workflows and mobile and wireless capabilities
  • Increase security with managed access and security protocols

Digitises paper-based processes

Reducing complexity and improve document security with predefined workflows, reducing human error.

  • Find document quickly with predefined workflows and indexes content for easy keyword search.
  • Reduce complexity with one-touch workflows
  • Improve document security with predefined delivery location and password protection

Perfectly integrated 

Our business range of printers and multifunction devices, work seamlessly with YSoft's document capture software. With a choice of; 

  • A4 Colour and mono laser
  • A3/A4 Colour inkjet
  • Compact desktop to floorstanding

The variety of devices ensure you have the optimal hardware that works harmoniously to deliver your specific document management needs.

Combined with the flexible print management and document capture capabilities of YSoft SafeQ, provides a user-friendly and secure document capture process that simplifies digital workflows.

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