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Looking for a solution to automate your workflows?

Our software partnership with Kofax enables you to have a comprehensive intelligent workflow system from one provider.

  • Seamless advanced print and capture workflow capabilities
  • Available across a fleet of A4 laser and A3 inkjet devices
  • Leading document automation software with award winning hardware

Managing, securing and controlling your documents with Kofax ControlSuite is easily scalable through your Brother device. Delivered through a unified and consistent user experience, across a range of floorstanding and compact desktop to multifunction and single function printer, makes this partnership truly unique.


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Kofax workflow automation is used by:

8 out of 10

Top global banks

7 out of 10

 Top global insurance companies

3 out of 5

Largest logistics companies

Kofax ControlSuite is a single, easy-to-manage solution that:

Secures your business information

Manages, secures, and governs your documents through unified capture and print workflows.

  • Documents are secured at all points in the workflow
  • Authentication methods limit document access
  • All document activity tracked with clear audit trails
  • Company polices are automatically applied

Improves your business productivity

By ensuring documents get to the right people at the right times, every time, through the correct workflows and automated processes.

  • Start complex workflows with one-touch
  • Intelligent data capture with data extraction, image correction, real-time redaction and more
  • Increase collaboration, enabling digitised documents to be edited

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Ensures compliance

By meeting compliance regulations with automatically-generated audit trails tracking your documents wherever they go.

  • Automatic versioning and history of collaboration
  • Automation ensures compliance and reduces human error
  • Enforces consistent compliance across print, capture, mobile and PDF
  • Creates auditable trails and role-based permission
  • Data encrypted when documents are being accessed
  • Notification options and automated policy enforcement

Integrates seamlessly

Designed to be integrated with print automation software, our business range of printers and multifunction devices include;

  • A4 Colour and mono laser
  • A3/A4 Colour inkjet
  • Compact desktop to floorstanding

You can have the perfect mix of devices using the same user interface. Combined with the advanced capture capabilities of Kofax ControlSuite, provides a wealth of automation opportunities that truly transforms digital workflows.

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