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3 ways to boots your printer's reliability

3 ways to boost your printer’s reliability

It goes without saying that a professional business needs to be able to rely 100% on its equipment. Your car or van, tools, mobile phone and all the other business essentials help you do your job, keep your customers happy and ensure the work continues to flow in. That’s why you make sure they’re always kept up-to-date and in optimum condition so they don’t leave you in the lurch when you least expect it.

Yet the humble printer, though just as crucial to the efficient running of your business, is often left out of the loop when it comes to care and attention.

Here are a few easy steps you should take to ensure this piece of business equipment is just as efficient and reliable as all your others, leaving you to simply click ‘print’ and forget about it.

  1. Go for genuine

    As the saying goes, you get out what you put in. This is particularly true with your printer, and especially the inks and toners it uses. Whichever brand of printer you use, genuine supplies from its manufacturer are the way to go. Why? Because they’re designed for the job. Original inks and toners are always better for print quality, which is a necessity for important meetings or client presentations. Using supplies designed for your machine reduces the risk of damage or breakages and therefore downtime of the machine, which is not an option when needing to print on a tight deadline.

  2. Protect yourself

    A good warranty is also a sensible way to make sure that, should anything go wrong with your printer, the problem will be fixed quickly, and in most cases for free. Every new Brother printer comes with a standard 12-month warranty to cover repairs or replacement of faulty items. This warranty can be enhanced and extended to include up to three years’ on-site maintenance, ensuring your valuable time isn’t spent trying to fix your printer.

  3. Get it together

For printing that takes care of itself, be clever by opting for ‘All in Box’. This brand-new way of buying means you purchase your Brother printer and everything it needs to provide three years of hassle-free printing in one go – including a three-year warranty. Why? Because you’ll save yourself the time and effort of shopping round for supplies and worrying about fixing your printer if something goes wrong. Plus, you’ll make significant savings on the total cost because you’ve bought in bulk.

Brother can help you do what you do best by supporting your printer needs. To find out more visit https://www.brother.ie/printers


3 ways to boost your printers reliability