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Brother International Europe celebrates ten years of partnership with rainforest charity Cool Earth

2nd November 2018

Brother International Europe celebrates ten years of partnership with rainforest charity Cool Earth

Ten years of partnership and ten thousand acres of rainforest protected. Each on its own is a significant achievement. Together it’s making the world of difference.


Brother championed Cool Earth way back in 2008 when the charity was just one year old. It’s been a critical friend and key supporter of the charity since then. Today, Brother’s support has directly protected almost 10,000 acres of at-risk rainforest, keeping 2.6 million tonnes of carbon locked up.


But that’s not the best bit. They’ve also transformed the lives of some incredible rainforest communities. Cool Earth’s director Matthew Owen said, “From funding a nutrition and hygiene programme in Peru, to shipping out their own sewing machines to help women in Papua New Guinea, Brother has gone above and beyond when it comes to rainforest protection.”


In Cool Earth's Asháninka partnership in the Peruvian rainforest, Brother’s achievements include equipping medical outposts, providing clean water for the local community and funding six boats to enable emergency evacuations and transport to local markets.


In 2015, Brother was a founding partner of Cool Earth’s work with communities in Orangerie Bay, Papua New Guinea. So far, Brother has funded a new school building in the region, donated sewing machines to a women's sewing cooperative and contributed towards household essentials and agricultural tools for villages on the front line of deforestation.


Brother supports Cool Earth in a variety of ways, such as a pan-European employee Eco-Points initiative and a “Click for the Earth” campaign. Customers can also help Brother support Cool Earth through a free return and recycle scheme for Brother ink and toner cartridges.


Isao Noji, Managing Director of Brother International Europe said, “We at Brother are very proud of our long-standing partnership with Cool Earth. Our employees and customers alike continue to protect vital rainforest and its communities in Peru and Papua New Guinea through numerous initiatives”.


To find out more visit https://www.brother.ie/about-brother/brother-earth/cool-earth 
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