Brother goes two tone with QL-800 labellers

CLEAR, LEGIBLE labelling is a simple, but important capability, whether for files, patch cabling or just a favourite mug. Brother’s new QL-800 range provides two colour, direct thermal label printing in the home and office. The trio of devices, QL-800, QL-810W and QL-820NWB, allow users to print in black and red, a world first for direct thermal label printers developed for home and office use, claims the maker. The high-volume machines create “colour standout for critical information in security and safety and help highlight important files and urgent items in office environments,” says Brother.

The QL-800 series use special thermal media, together with advanced electronics and software, which mean the heat of the print head can be precisely adjusted to offer both black and red print, without the need for additional ink or toner. The effectiveness of using two colour print to make elements of detail prominent, Brother argues, means this latest labelling technology is beneficial across visitor management, food allergen labelling, shipping and handling labelling and retail promotions. The series also includes functionality such as network connectivity and wireless options, and Bluetooth capability allowing links to smart phones and tablets, plus the use of Brother’s iPrint&Label app.

Other key features include:

• Sharp, quality printing at up to 300x600 DPI resolution and fast output with speeds up to 176mm/second (110 standard address labels per minute).

• Printing labels up to 1 metre long using continuous length tape, providing greatly flexible label solutions.

• Guillotine type automatic cutter to neatly cut labels with ease.

• Simple-to-use interface with easy-to-push buttons, a jam free label exit and a large graphic LCD on the flagship model, the QL-820NWB.

• Bluetooth connectivity, Wired LAN and Wireless LAN with AirPrint, Mac and PC compatibility.

Two models, the QL-810W and the QL-820NWB, have an optional Li-ion rechargeable battery base, ideal for large working areas such as warehouses, supermarkets or larger office spaces.

“Brother is thrilled to introduce a world first with our trio of QL-800 models,” said Gerry Quigley, sales manager, Brother Ireland. “The ability to print labels in black and red brings a clear point of differentiation to the market while creating colour standout for users to highlight critical and key detailing.”

The QL-800 is priced at €121.00 ex VAT, and features USB connectivity; print speed of 148mm/second or 92 labels per minute; built-in cutter to print customised length labels; and integrated label design software to print labels without complicated installation.

The *QL-810W is priced at €179.00 ex VAT, and builds on the QL-800 capabilities with Wireless LAN with AirPrint, and USB connectivity and print speed of 176mm/second or 110 labels per minute.

The *QL-820NWB is priced at €220.00 ex VAT and adds Bluetooth, Wired LAN, Wireless LAN with AirPrint, and USB connectivity; large graphic LCD screen for ease-of-use; standalone operation for printing labels without the need of a PC with print speed of 176mm/second or 110 labels per minute.