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Environmental Certification

Brother has a long-standing commitment to conducting our business operations responsibly and sustainably. When you choose a new product with us, we want you to know the eco features, standards and labels to look out for. Purchasing an energy-efficient product will help improve the environment and reduce long-term costs.

Energy Star Label

Energy Star

Many of our products have the ENERGY STAR label, which recognises top performing machines in terms of energy efficiency, helping save you energy and printer paper costs. Power management is a major element of the ENERGY STAR label. At Brother, we have taken power saving technology to a new level with our Low Energy Standby feature. It uses innovative ‘power stopping’ rather than ‘power saving’ technology, which reduces the standby power of an inkjet printer to 0.04 watts and a laser printer to 0.05 watts. 

Blue Angel Label

Blue Angel

The Blue Angel label recognises products that save resources and protect the climate. The award criteria for gaining the label are rigorous and assessed by an independent Environmental Label Jury. Products are endorsed for being high quality with a long service life, low energy usage and minimal impact on indoor air quality. Recycling requirements are taken into consideration when thinking about the production methods used. At Brother, we were the first printer manufacturer to offer Blue Angel certification on inkjet all-in-ones in 2008.