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We must take steps to protect our planet, while we still can

The safety of our planet is at risk every single day from climate change, and at Brother we believe that protecting our last remaining rainforests is vital to stopping and reversing some of the damage that has been done. That is why we partner with Cool Earth and are proud to be their longest serving commercial partner. 

Rainforests are natural carbon sinks – they absorb carbon dioxide, helping to prevent rising temperatures on Earth, so protecting them in vital, as is supporting the people that live in them. We need to ensure the communities that reside in these vital ecosystems have the knowledge, support and equipment needed to protect, thrive and ultimately save the rainforests we still have left.

It is vital that we support this climate action. Since our partnership with Cool Earth began, Brother has helped to protect over 70,000 hectares of rainforest: around 27 million trees with the capacity to store over 37 million tonnes of carbon. This protects a wealth of biodiversity and keeps the world’s carbon sinks intact.

Our rainforests must be given the chance to thrive if they are to play a major role in absorbing CO2 and keep our planet healthy.

Support Cool Earth and their initiatives by recycling your used supplies

Recent Cool Earth initiatives Brother customers have supported 

Preventing fires in the Amazon

Through a new partnership with Central Asháninka del Río Ene (CARE), Cool Earth provides advocacy support to lobby local governments to secure vital funding for fire prevention initiatives. This covers four key programmes: prevention (legal, physical); preparation and control; information dissemination; and advocacy and finance.

The long-term goal is to give people the training they need to identify and monitor changing forest conditions in order to combat fires before they even start.

The Asháninka have a long history of using controlled burning to combat wildfires. Adapting to climate change by reimagining the Asháninka's traditional land management practices will create new ways of conserving the rainforest. This protects homes, livelihoods and the health of our planet.


How clean hands protect the New Guinea rainforest

You may not think that regular hand washing helps fight deforestation, but it really does.

In Papua New Guinea, Brother is supporting Cool Earth to provide 24 hand washing stations to rainforest communities. But how does that save trees? Hand washing is the first step in a domino-effect of positive actions that ensure that the forest and its communities stay healthy. It supports a culture of health and hygiene. 

Clean hands mean less illness. Less illness ensures that there are more resilient people living in the rainforest to protect it. More healthy people mean fewer trips to expensive medical centres. Less expenditure on medical treatment means more cash security. And more cash security means less economic pressure to fell and sell rainforest timber.

Built by local people in schools, markets and health centres, the hand washing stations have vastly improved life for over 2,500 people. And, in addition, further sanitation training has also been provided for 33 volunteers from eight villages.



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