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Benefits for Pharmacists

Pharmacists can be productive with a portable solution, enabling easy integration with existing healthcare systems and a wide range of host devices.

Ensure the safety of patients with a secure patient Identification workflow, ensuring the right medication is received by the patient.

Minimise the chance of errors by printing out legible labels rather than manually handwriting.

Pharmacists can maximise their work-space by using a compact desktop printing solution. 

Our printers use a wide range of label sizes and types to meet your requirements.
You can add optional accessories to streamline workflows.
Medication packet and label

Total confidence in your medication

The constant priority for pharmacists is to keep an efficient workflow to ease the queues of patients waiting for prescriptions. A keen eye must be kept out for any errors as wrongly prescribed medication can carry serious consequences. 

Without a labelling solution, It would delay the process. For example if we have a  prescription and there are five items on it I would have to hand write it because it’s  a legal requirement. It would be very time consuming so instead of one minute it would be ten minutes. It would be very frustrating for patients.

UK Pharmacy Manager.

Brother labelling solutions offer seamless integration into existing healthcare management systems and a wide range of host devices. This reduces the risk of illegible handwritten labels which can lead to incorrect medication and legal issues for the Pharmacy.


Drug bottle label

   Medication bottle labels

Up to 2 inch

Drug bag label

    Medication bag labels

Up to 4 inch

Drug packet label

 Medication packet labels

Up to 4 inch

Benefits of the TD-2000 series

TD spindle-less design

Spindleless design for easy loading of rolls and wristbands

Simply drop in larger diameter rolls meaning less downtime for caregivers. 

TD battery

Optional long life Li-ion battery

Go completely portable to offer care where it’s needed most. By adding this option, expensive and cumbersome powered carts are not necessary. 

TD on desktop

Double the efficiency

Print both wristbands and labels from the same device. Fast, reliable and accurate face-up printing with no need for two devices.

TD printing labels

Compact footprint

Fits easily on carts or crowded desktops, freeing up space for other essential equipment.

TD4 pharmacy drug bottle

Professional label printing

Our TD-4000 series gives pharmacists up to 4 inch high specification, high speed label printing technology that includes the following features:

  • Accepts up to 4” / 102 mm wide labels
  • Fast 110 mm/second print speed
  • Powerful ‘P-touch Editor’ barcode label design software 
  • Built in network option enables it to be placed anywhere
  • Print from various operating systems/software 



Provide clear instructions


Handwritten labels as well as being time consuming to produce, can affect patient safety through illegible handwriting. This is not just costly to the patient but also the pharmacy as well. By introducing a Brother TD series label printer to your pharmacy, you can reduce or totally eliminate these problems, and ensure your dispensing of medication is fast and efficient.

"There are legal requirements for things that have to be on a medicine label. These are the name of the patient, name of the medicine, date it was dispensed and address of the pharmacy. We also have things we put on for good practice. These are the cautions and conditions for patient ID."

UK Pharmacy Manager

Patient safety whitepaper (PDF, 1.3MB)