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Kongsberg Maritime: innovation without failure for two centuries

Kongsberg Maritime provides its customers with high-technology products to assist them in often hostile environments: oil and gas exploration platforms, automation equipment for merchant vessels, offshore installations, ultra-precise GPS. Kongsberg Maritime also assists its customers in seabed surveying, fisheries monitoring or research. With a global presence, the Norwegian company’s control sites ensure permanent monitoring of 20,000 devices located on land and at sea.
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24/7 customer support

In case of equipment malfunction, Kongsberg Maritime engineers intervene in real-time to assist customer teams. "Wherever you are, at any time, we solve the problem," explains Cory Pasano of Konsberg Maritime. Once a customer calls, the main control site directs the request to the team most competent to solve the problem.
The difference with OmniJoin is that now our engineers can focus on what they do best, their profession. OmniJoin changes the rules of the game.
Cory Pansano of Kongsberg Maritime
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OmniJoin: the communication solution for Kongsberg Maritime

"To handle the type of problems that we encounter daily, we needed something other than a bad intermittent connection and an unstable video link," Pasano says. Duly noted. "In 2012, we contacted OmniJoin. Not only did the OmniJoin teams immediately understand the critical issues we were facing, but their technological know-how raised the support given to our customers to an incredible level," enthuses Rune Kvalstad of Kongsberg Maritime.

OmniJoin: The Game Changer

"With OmniJoin, the quality of the connections and images make our engineers virtually present with our customers," says Pasano. The very high image definition provided by OmniJoin regardless of network conditions has radically changed the company's support by connecting customers and engineers separated by thousands of kilometres. Because of this quality, teams can share facility plans and engineers can view the areas and equipment to be audited. This has delivered undeniable time savings and quality gains, as underscored by Pasano: "Before using OmniJoin, we had very lengthy discussions with our customers to try to identify the problems they were experiencing." 
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With OmniJoin, the quality of the connections and images make our engineers virtually present with our customers
Cory Pasano