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Facilitate management

  • The advantages of web conferencing with OmniJoin are endless. Our secure technology ensures you can enjoy productive online meetings, side by side with colleagues and clients wherever you are.

Move your meetings online

  • Save on travel expenses
  • Enjoy collaborating with the wider team
  • Make your meetings interactive

Communicate and collaborate on the go

  • Share across desktop or on the move with tablets, laptops and iOS devices
  • Instant message your participants
  • Consume very little bandwidth

Take control of online training

  • Record your meetings and events
  • Interact on projects in real time
  • Save your training for rebroadcast in video format and allow missing participants to catch up on demand

Quick and easy set up

  • Easy to configure
  • Integrated with Outlook and all Microsoft Office applications

Secure, reliable connections

  • Control the sound and image of all attendees
  • Optimise bandwidth for each participant
  • Superior security features
  • HD audio quality

Manage contacts and customers

  • Interact in HD video
  • Invite your customers and contacts to use OmniJoin

Limit investment in hardware

  • Full-duplex technology and 1080p HD video
  • Supports a wide range of additional devices
  • Limited hardware investment compared to other technologies