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Brother, an innovative international group

Present in 44 countries, Brother was looking for a reliable and secure web conferencing solution for easy remote communication. In 2010, Brother acquired the innovative solution "full-duplex" of Nefsis.

Brother created OmniJoin

Contributors are attracted by the quality and simplicity of the platform web conferencing because it allows them to communicate, exchange, and meet remotely easily.

In 2011, Brother invests in R & D to improve this web conferencing solution and creates Omnijoin.

Brother OmniJoin woman at home using laptop with web cam for remote web conferencing 2010

Innovative technology

Brother OmniJoin tablet screen showing woman smiling 2011

R&D investment and creating OmniJoin

Brother OmniJoin man outside holding tablet with web conference 2012

Launching OmniJoin

Omnijoin for you

In 2012, Brother decided to propose Omnijoin to its customers so they could enjoy the easiest web conferencing solution to meet remotely.