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PrintSmart Mobile Zone

4 simple ways to print with PrintSmart Mobile Zone:

Email Printing
Send an email to a secured email address with what you want to print attached; then key in the release code emailed back to you to print the document.

Web Printing
Open your browser and enter the address of the web printing portal and follow the simple directions to upload your document; then key in the code displayed to release your documents.

Mobile Printing Apps
PrintSmart Mobile Zone apps are available on BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices to allow users to easily search for and print to all PrintSmart Mobile enabled printers.

PrintWhere® Driver
Print directly from within any Windows application using the standard “File, Print” commands.

“Mobile workers and office staff often need a simple way to print quickly while on-the-go. PrintSmart Mobile Zone addresses this issue and allows secure printing from their mobile devices.”

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