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PrintSmart Mobile



The move towards mobility

A recent study by IDC projected that mobile workers will account for 75% of the totalworkforce in 2018. As mobile device adoption increases, so will demand for printing from mobile devices – especially through mobile applications.

Printing – anytime, anyplace

The Brother PrintSmart Mobile solution transforms the way SMBs operate. Mobile workers, office staff and guests are given the capability to print from any mobile device – quickly, simply and securely.

Key features of PrintSmart Mobile: 

Secure Printing

Securing confidential company information is a vital practice for all SMBs. PrintSmart Mobile uses a secure pin release mechanism so that authentication is required at the Brother printer, and only the user who sent the print job can collect the document. 


Mobile Printing

Employees can print on-the-go and clients and suppliers can enjoy simple, convenient guest printing when they are at your office. 


Flexible Printing

There are a range of mobile devices and operating systems used in SMBs and PrintSmart Mobile supports printing from Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Kindle and Nook.


How can PrintSmart Mobile help?

PrintSmart Mobile is a cloud-based printing solution developed by Brother that provides simple print access for employees and guests.

Powered by PrinterOn – a global leader in mobile printing solutions – PrintSmart Mobile is perfect for any small and medium business (SMB) with a mobile workforce or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative.

This allows users to print from their mobile devices to a Brother printer, without having to return to their desks to connect to networks or download printer drivers.


With PrintSmart Mobile, your business will benefit from:

  • Simple Deployment
  • Expensive platform support
  • Secure printing
  • Reduced IT calls

 “The Brother PrintSmart Mobile solution offers major benefits to your small and medium business such as increased employee efficiency, flexibility and print security.”




PrintSmart Mobile

4 simple ways to print with PrintSmart Mobile:

Email Printing
Send an email to a secured email address with what you want to print attached; then key in the release code emailed back to you to print the document.

Web Printing
Open your browser and enter the address of the web printing portal and follow the simple directions to upload your document; then key in the code displayed to release your documents.

Mobile Printing Apps
PrintSmart Mobile apps are available on BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices to allow users to easily search for and print to all PrintSmart Mobile enabled printers. 

PrintWhere® Driver
Print directly from within any Windows application using the standard “File, Print” commands.

“Mobile workers and office staff often need a simple way to print quickly while on-the-go. PrintSmart Mobile addresses this issue and allows secure printing from their mobile devices.”

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