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OmniJoin Version 7

OmniJoin web conferencing from Brother gets user friendly with Version 7


Japanese technology company Brother are launching Version 7 of their web conferencing package, OmniJoin, bringing sleek improvements in both functionality and appearance to the interface.


Every aspect of OmniJoin Version 7 has been re-developed around the user, focusing on the look, structure and behaviour of the application to make it easier, quicker and more visually appealing. Feature developments include:

  • Single step audio/visual configuration on launch.
  • Pre-set Meeting Modes to allow the meeting organiser to define the type of meeting easily, introducing some of the configurability to prompt the user to explore the modifiable options and ultimately be able to create their own custom Meeting Modes.
  • Intuitive multi-screen support allows the user to move videos around and quickly re-arrange the layout of the meeting room.
  • A “hand-up” host notification tool to allow attendees to raise a virtual hand to the presenter without interrupting the meeting.
  • An improved and better integrated cloud storage area. Users can now share files from the OmniJoin cloud storage in live meetings.
  • A modernised web portal including a streamlined menu making it easier for users to quickly find what they are looking for.



Derek Kelleher from Brother Ireland says “This upgrade brings benefits across the board, providing improvements for meeting hosts and attendees as well as for I.T specialists taking care of the web conferencing solution. We wanted to make OmniJoin a much more intuitive user experience; putting the host in control and making the attendees feel at ease. The new version not only provides users with a simplified meeting space it also contains powerful control and customisation features for administrators.”


OmniJoin Version 7 allows organisations to have multiple administrators (Enterprise licenses only). The additional improvements to this area enables the administrator to deploy OmniJoin easily and quickly, regulate user groups whilst at the same time, giving the ability to fine tune and control a whole range of aspects for setting user behaviour and capability per profile as well as creating profile specific templates for meeting invitation, confirmation emails and much more.


Derek Kelleher  continues “The customisable features really enable the administrator to manage the security and usability of the web conferencing tool to ensure that it meets the needs of the users internally”

The new interface will be available for users of OmniJoin public cloud version after launch and new customers signing up to OmniJoin will automatically receive this new version 7. Current OmniJoin customers should contact their Brother representative for more information about this free upgrade.




About OmniJoin

Brother launched OmniJoin web conferencing in the US, Japan, UK, Germany and France in 2012. It has since become available in Switzerland, Ireland and Spain as well.


OmniJoin can be accessed from a Mac, PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and offers the best video and audio quality possible for each individual meeting attendee.


As easy to use as any office software and accessible via web, desktop app or iOS app, OmniJoin comes with a suite of best-in-class collaboration tools for productive working in virtual teams.


OmniJoin has been designed for business, with enterprise-grade security and stable, reliable technology.


OmniJoin’s distributed cloud uses infrastructure closest to the user to minimise delays between audio/video capture and playback.


OmniJoin is available in four licencing options to suit all business needs and budgets:

  • Enterprise (Concurrent) licencing options for large organisations let businesses share a number of connections (or seats) with all members of staff for multiple meetings at the same time.
  • OmniJoin Pro allows up to 50 participants, 20 of which with video. Resolution per video feed up to1920x1080p.
  • OmniJoin Standard allows up to 30 attendees in total, 12 of which with video Resolution per video feedup to 1920x1080p.
  • OmniJoin Lite is the entry-level licence, allowing up to eight attendees and eight video feeds. Resolution per video feed up to 1280x720p.



Please click HERE for further information on OmniJoin