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    • Why environmental labels matter

      When you choose a new product with us, we want you to know the eco features, standards and labels to look out for.

      When making an investment in a new Brother product, we want to ensure you have all the facts and information you need to make an environmentally sound choice.

      Buying a product that is as energy efficient as possible will help you save money in the long-term. It also means you can do your bit for the environment too.

    • Which environmental labels to look for and what they mean

      Environmental labels or ‘eco labels’ are an independent endorsement of a product’s eco credentials. You can take them into consideration when selecting a new item for your home or office.

      At Brother, we are proud of the fact that many of our products meet the criteria required to carry internationally recognised environmental labels.

      The three labels that showcase strong standards are:

    • To make a smart eco decision about a product, the kind of features to look out for include:

      Low energy use when in operation


      Power saving technology


      Low emissions


      Double sided print capability to reduce paper costs


      Ability to use recycled paper


      An ink and toner cartridges return scheme


Introduced in Europe in 2001 for office equipment


The label recognises top performing machines specifically in terms of energy efficiency.
Over the average lifecycle, an ENERGY STAR labelled product will help save you energy and printer paper costs.


 - In 2001 the European Union signed an agreement with the US Environmental Protction Agency to introduce the ENERGY STAR in Europe for office equipment.

 - Products are registered for the label, which recognises top performing machines specifically in terms of energy efficiency.

 - Over the average lifecycle, and ENERGY STAR labelled product will help save you energy and printer paper costs.


Power management is a major element of the ENERGY STAR label. It recognises products that consume as little energy as possible when they enter sleep mode, representing energy efficiency best practice. At Brother, we are proud to have taken power saving technology to a new level. Our Low Energy Standby feature uses innovative ‘power stopping’ rather than ‘power saving’ technology. The new technology has reduced the standby power of an inkjet printer to 0.04 watts and the standby power of a laser printer to 0.05 watts. Read our Low Energy Standby green heroes story with Arimoto-san, Inkjet Printer Developer, and Tsujimoto-san, Laser Printer Developer. .

The capability to print on both sides of the paper automatically where possible (duplex printing) will also save you money by reducing the number of pages that are printed.

We are committed to earning eco labels and are proud that many of our products have The ENERGY STAR.


- The Blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel) was created in 1978 in Germany and recognises products that save resources and protect the climate.

- The award criteria for gaining the label are rigorous and assessed by an independent Environmental Label Jury.


- The label focuses on the environmental benefits of products in terms of design, function and impact: Products are endorsed as being high quality with a long service life, low energy usage and minimal impact on indoor air quality. Recycling requirements are taken into consideration when thinking about the production methods to be used.

- At Brother, we were the first printer manufacturer to offer Blue Angel certification on inkjet all-in-ones since 2008.

Environmental labels such as the Blue Angel reflect our commitment to developing products with exemplary eco credentials. 


- The Nordic Swan is the official eco label in the Nordic region, introduced in 1989.
- We recognise the importance of this label in the Nordic region. It is not only an eco-label that endorses environmental best practice, in the Nordic region it represents the importance of protecting the environment as a whole lifestyle choice.

- We have to ensure products meet certain quality standards set by Nordic Swan, we were proud to receive our first Nordic Swan label in 2009.

- The Swan label covers products’ entire life cycle, from creation to repair, upgrade and disposal, alongside key features including product quality.

- Nordic Swan label requirements include low energy consumption in sleep mode. Printers and multi-function machines should have the capability to print both sides (duplex printing) to reduce paper consumption in order to save money. Low emissions and low noise levels are also key requirements.

We are pleased to be able to say that many of our products have The Nordic Swan.