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Brother Earth

Innovative product design and corporate social responsibility

Brother Earth was created in 2010 to represent Brother’s ethical approach to the environment. It unites the principles set out in our group Global Charter and Environmental Policies to ensure these ethics run through the fabric of our company, products and employees.

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A spirit of personal eco responsibility

The Brother Earth web pages set out how environmental best practice under pins our day-to-day activities. Ranging from innovative product design and corporate social responsibility through to supporting our employees, who are encouraged to think about the significance of the environment in their everyday actions and demonstrate a spirit of personal eco responsibility.

Together this represents Brother Earth.

The pages have also been created as a practical guide, to:

  • Show how our design thinking from Japan reflects the importance of a product’s full life cycle.
  • Help you understand the environmental features to look for when choosing new products such as environmental labels.
  • Explain what happens when you use our free return schemes to send used consumables to our recycling technology centre (hyperlink to Recycling section).
  • Explain the types of European environmental legislation that our products must comply with.
  • Highlight the good causes we support that are rooted in the heart of communities across the globe.